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Provided by Jack Henry and Associates

Did you know that identity theft is the fastest-growing crime worldwide? Many thieves these days have come to rely on the internet, telephones, and even your trash as a means of stealing your identity and your money.

We're looking out for you! Sign up for our new smsGuardian™ service and you'll receive text messages regarding activity on your credit and debit cards. If you receive a text about a transaction that you think is fraudulent, you can reply immediately and your card will be blocked from further criminal activity. If you receive this message and you know the purchase is legitimate, you don't need to do anything.

Feeling safer already? You can enroll any of your First National Bank of Decatur County debit cards in this Absolutely Free service. You can choose to receive text alerts on your cell phones or tablets.


Here's an example of what the service looks like in action. You might receive a text message similar to this:

Guardian Alert on card 99991 at ABC Store2 for $200.003. Reply CZ12T3FC if unauthorized. Reply STOP to cancel alerts.

1This will be the last four digits of your card number

2This will be the name on the merchant

3This will be the purchase amount

*Additional examples of texts are available in our smsGuardian FAQ. (https://www.ussfcu.org/faq/sms)


If you receive this message and you know the purchase is legitimate, you don't need to do anything. If you believe the purchase is fraud you simply have to reply to the message "CZ12T3FC" (according to the above listed example) and your card will be immediately blocked from futher activity. Once FNBDC receives notification of the block we will contact you and issue a new card as quickly as possible. You can also stop into our location on Shotwell St and we can make you a new card on site. You can opt out of this service at any time by texting STOP to 27576 or unsubscibe completely using the smsGuardian webite.

This service is fairly easy and extremely reassuring. Visit our enrollment site today and start enjoying some comfort and peace of mind!

  • Enrollments are valid for a period of one year; you will be notified prior to expiration and can choose to extend your Guardian account.
  • Changing your mobile service provider may cause you to have to re-enroll your cell number with the Guardian service.
  • You are responsible for any text messaging fees that occur from your cellular service provider.
  • Your cell phone must be set to allow "short codes". Short codes are special telephone numbers which are used to send text messages from mobile phones.
  • If you need help regarding the use of this service or your account, then you may reply to an Alert message with the word HELP. You may also call (888) 868-8611.


Terms and Conditions

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